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Beauty. Style. Quality.

New furniture can bring a room together and truly accentuate your unique sense of taste. But in order to achieve that look, you need top-quality interior furnishings from a reputable source that will stand the test of time. You’re looking for someone who will match your price with your vision and bring your interior to life.

You want pieces from Sutherland’s Furniture of London, ON!

When you visit our massive 25,000 square foot showroom, or browse our gallery online, you’ll get a sense for the kind of unrivaled quality items we are offering. Our emporium has been in business since 1998, and we’ve helped thousands of homeowners, just like you, decorate their interior spaces with the absolute best pieces on the market.

Our staff of experienced associates will assist you with everything you need, from layouts and design choices to colour selections, and more! We work hard to make furniture shopping and simple and easy as possible by taking care of the details for you, every day.

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Choose from dozens of popular brand names such as:

  • Sealy
  • Ashley
  • Palliser
  • Superstyle
  • Defehr
  • Trendline
  • And many more…

For more information about the unbeatable furniture selection we can offer you, or please call us at 519-457-2139..