The Beautiful Imperfection Found in Nature

The Imperfect Beauty of Wood Furniture:

Modern technology has improved furniture production. There is no denying that. Adhesives are stronger. Modern finishes have better resistances to sun, water, and markings. Luxurious carved mouldings are now easier to produce than ever, and at a fraction of the price!

But there is one thing modern machinery cannot, and should not, improve upon: the natural beauty of the wood that goes into hand-crafted furniture. For millennia, natural wood elements have helped to create untold numbers of family treasures and heirlooms. The wood gets better with age and gives off a beautiful aura of sophisticated antiquity.

And still, while the wood is beautiful, it is not perfect. The stains, knots, and grains give each piece its own individuality and soul; making it slightly different to every eye – even from wood of the same tree.

Manufacturers try and capture these “imperfections” in their creations for a particular “look.” They then supply them to us here at Sutherland’s, and you have the honor of bringing them into your home and adding them to your interior landscape.

Casual styles, like country, colonial, and others celebrate these looks. If you find they’re not to your taste, perhaps you should seek something more formal. Gapping, contraction, and expansion of various wood types – all of these should be factors for you when deciding what kind of décor accents you prefer.

But no matter what you choose, one thing is clear: the imperfect beauty of wood will always be able to bring vibrant life to unique wooden pieces and make your house your home through style, sophistication, and elegance.

The Imperfect Beauty of Leather Furniture:

Real leather is warm, soft, and inviting. It gets better with age – more supple – and remains perfect for the type of comfortable, durable use you want in your home.

But despite the marvelous benefits of this wonder material, no two pieces of leather are ever the same. Nature has designed it that way.

There are shade differences, varying levels of density, nicks, branding, scratching, and more unique marks that give leather its unique soul and personality. While not considered defects under warranty, these imperfections can be off-putting to some.

At Sutherland’s, we have the expertise to help you find as close a match as you need for your leather items. We can help you to see the beauty of these imperfections for yourself, and assist you in adding them to your unique home décor, as they are guaranteed to impress.